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Blogg: 2020-01-14

Taking advantage of electronics in modern healthcare

Interest is increasing in electronic and communicative healthcare solutions, both among professional healthcare providers and consumers who wish to live a long and healthy life.

Taking advantage of electronics in modern healthcare

Prevas’ specialists are fortunate to meet people and companies looking for development support in order to realize their innovative ideas for medical devices, eHealth and mHealth or healthcare solutions, often for the benefit of both individuals and society. We seek to assist our customers in making healthcare more efficient, reliable and at the same time make it more personal and comfortable.

eHealth and mHealth are some of the largest trends we see amongst our customers. eHealth and mHealth enable an entirely new level of accessibility, compared to what we are accustomed to with traditional healthcare. It is now possible to have a data collector with us in the form of a smartphone, in combination with various types of sensors - maybe within a wearable. We can get an overview of our current health status and even send the related data via cloud services to medical personnel for evaluation. eHealth and mHealth solutions contribute to the comfort of patients, the extensiveness of data collection, and thus the thoroughness of patient care. In one case, of ExSeed Health, we see an exceptional product that can change the lives of couples struggling with fertility issues – now from the comfort of their own home.

Sometimes the requirements for medical equipment, along with the safety and security factors that relate to them, can be a challenge to overcome. Many good ideas are realised by people with knowledge and drive, but the tough regulations that apply to medical and invitro diagnostic products field require attention from professionals with expertise in these areas. Whether it is a quality system that needs implementation, a directive that needs to be complied with or a certification that a product needs, Prevas’ solid experience in this area often makes a real difference for our customers.

//Robert Tönhards, Regional Manager, Prevas AB


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