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Träffa oss på Embedded Conference Scandinavia, Kistamässan 4-5 november

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Björn Andersson

Internet of Things med Björn Andersson

Onsdag 5/11 kl. 09.00

Why is Internet of Things important for the Nordic Industry?

A view of the Industrial Evolution and how Internet of Things will be a critical competition factor for many types of industries.

Reference projects from Siemens, Findus and others is presented together with how of new business models have been created-

Internet of Things is a challenge for many companies but also a great opportunity.

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Thimas Bergkvist

EMC med Thomas Bergkvist
Onsdag 5/11 kl. 11.00

Why does your embedded radio perform poorly?

EMC considerations in Embedded System Design.
Common pitfalls and their mitigation.

The presentation will introduce EMC considerations in Embedded System Design and examine common pitfalls and how to mitigate them.

To achieve good EMC characteristics, the embedded system must from the beginning be carefully designed in all aspects, including mechanical, electrical and software considerations.

Often overlooked is the careful design necessary to avoid immunity problems when the system contains analog measurement circuits and transducers.

When incorporating wireless devices in a system, the legal requirements for EMC emission are often completely inadequate.

Why is that so, and what would the requirements really be? How can you fulfill these requirements?

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Mads Doré Hansen

Open Source Linux med Mads Doré Hansen

Onsdag 5/11 kl. 16.00

Efficient development with Industrial Linux on module based hardware

Shorter time to market and a higher quality is a continuous demand in the electronic industry, but does it match ever growing operating systems and complex high speed HW-designs that we see today?

A more and more popular way of meeting the demands are through reuse of software with customized Industrial Linux and efficient hardware development with off-the-shelf modules. This way is not a silver bullet to hit success, but has good opportunities that comes with pitfalls and traps.

The discussion of this way of development will be done using the following main topics: 

  • Selecting a hardware and when to customize: SBC, COM-modules vs. full custom designs.
  • Selecting and building a customized Industrial Linux BSP’s (Board Support Packages).
  • Changing the development-view from “know it all” to “know your domain and accept the rest”.
  • Reducing Time To Market through efficient and reliable platform building with large reuse of previous work.
  • Maintaining your own Industrial Linux and semi-customized hardware over many years.

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