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Life Science companies:

Is your Doc Management system helping you grow, or is it holding you back

Electronic Document Management Solutions comes with many benefits but take time to assess, implement, validate and maintain. Most companies start with a paper-based or SharePoint document management system but eventually come to point when a more sustainable solution is needed.

Webinar: Wednesday October 20st, 12-12.45. Register below
Follow-up chat: Thursday October 21st, 12.30-13.30 at The Spark, Medicon Village, Lund

Join this webinar to figure out when you need to implement an electronic system, how to identify your requirements, and get guidance on how to create a roadmap for the future – before your document management gets out of control, your team becomes frustrated and the audit deviations start to pile up…

Cecilia Larsson, Senior Consultant at Prevas Life Science Innovation, and Karin Hesslevik, Principal Consultant at Epista Life Science, are two experienced industry professionals who will share their experience and discuss when to go digital, and how.

And – an added bonus! On Thursday October 21st, stop by the lounge area on the second floor at The Spark, Medicon Village in Lund for a personal chat. Cecilia and Karin will be available to discuss your specific situation and share their expert knowledge to continuously improve compliance and business in your company.

The webinar is presented by Prevas in association with Epista Life Science.