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Blogg: 2022-03-22

My Experience as a Student at Prevas

My name is William Lannhard and I am a 23 years old student at the Aerospace master at KTH. I have been a part of the Prevas team since December 2021, and I usually spend my free time playing and composing music as well as being with friends.

Vill du ta ett första steg mot bättre underhållsplanering

How Did I Come into Contact with Prevas?

In early December I walked into the Flight Chapter at KTH, and there they were, giving out free Christmas fika. Mulled wine (non-alcoholic of course), julmust, saffron buns and gingerbread cookies. The whole package. Well, it ended with me talking away my lunch break, so you could say that my first impression was overwhelmingly positive. To be honest, I had not planned to work during my studies but when you find a company whose culture and core values matches yours, then there is no reason not to if you ask me.

What is it Like to Work at Prevas and Study Simultaneously?

It is a lot of fun, to be frank. The office culture is very open and comradery, while it is also educative and developing. As newly employed, you become an important and valued part of the team from day one. Prevas’ organization is also very agile and dynamic, with short communication paths and an adaptive environment. And when you need help, it is never far away, which I appreciate a great deal. As for every student, it was important for me that my studies were first priority, and I have really hit the jackpot there. Prevas’ lets you as a student decide when and how much you want to work, because they know that some weeks are filled to the brink with deadlines and examinations.

What Do You Do as a Student at Prevas?

I spend most of my time in recruitment and HR, which can be quite a scary process for a newly graduated student. The questions are usually many, and the answers very few. How can I write my resume and personal letter to secure an interview? How should I behave once I have got the interview? What thoughts are soaring through the recruiter’s mind there on the other side of the table? At my current position I have quite a large involvement in the process, which could come quite handy in the future. I also hang around the engineers a lot, and because of that I learn a lot within my field of study as well. It’s really a win-win situation.

//William Lannhard, Student at Prevas
William Lannhard, Student at Prevas

PS. Är du intresserad av att jobba på Prevas som student? Kontakta gärna Elin Trotz. DS.


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